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News Article

Midnight Syndicate's THE DEAD MATTER is a Wrap!


As you might recall, last Halloween I spent a little quality time with the famous horror instrumentalists Midnight Syndicate, when group founder Edward Douglas clued us in on the first official Midnight Syndicate film The Dead Matter, which was still in the thick of production at the time. Last night I received the announcement that Douglas and company have completed post-production work on the film, and offered more tantalizing tidbits of info about it…

Produced by Douglas with KNB FX legend Robert Kurtzman (From Dusk Till Dawn), The Dead Matter draws influence from EC Comics and Hammer Horror to tell the tale of one girl’s quest to reconnect with her dead brother, leading her into the nightmare world of the living dead. The cast features horror heavyweights like Wishmaster’s Andrew Divoff and the legendary Tom Savini, as well as cult horror hosts Count Gore Devol and “Big Chuck” Schodowski.

Douglas, who directed The Dead Matter and composed the score, has just finished working with his team on finalizing the sound mix and image, and says he’s “absolutely thrilled” with the end product. “I think it's exactly what fans would expect from a Midnight Syndicate movie,” he continues. “Classic horror themes... very atmospheric, very creepy... and loaded with twists and turns that really pull you into the dark world we try to create on all our discs. It's definitely a fun ride for fans who enjoy a good story and an old-school edge to their horror films."

No official release date has been set, but there will be plenty of goodies to keep fans salivating in the run-up to launch: the band has already issued the well-received companion CD Cemetery Gates as a thematic riff on the movie’s themes; the Rondo Award-nominated disc made our own “Crazy 8” Best-of-’08 Music lineup last December (which the band kindly acknowledges in their press release). But there will still be an official soundtrack album as well, which you’ll be reading all about here very soon.

In the meantime, check out for a little preview of the creepiness to come.