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Mini Mansions Unveil Nightmare 'Kiddie' Video


Psychedelic popsters Mini Mansions – an LA trio founded by Queens of the Stone Age bassist Michael Shuman – kicked off the release of their self-titled debut album with a new video for the single "Kiddie Hypnogogia"... and from there it gets kinda weird. Seriously, like WTF-level weird. Of course, the clip's packed with all the the stuff we dig down here at FEARnet – you know, tentacled, hairy Lovecraftian freaks and swirling day-glo alien goop – or something like that, I wasn't quite sure. It's hard to explain, so you'd better just get in here and watch it...

Like the video itself, the Mini Mansions sound is pretty hard to sum up in a few words, but it's definitely worth a listen – imagine a horror soundtrack done by the Magical Mystery Tour-era Beatles (one of the band's obvious inspirations), and you'll more or less get the idea. Shuman founded the group in 2009 while Queens of the Stone Age was on hiatus, and the enthusiastic response to their original three "Vignettes" ultimately led to the twelve-track project they released this week... an album which you can preview in its entirety right now on AOL Music.

The clip for “Kiddie Hypnogogia” is pretty short, but it packs a whole lotta creepy into just three minutes... so check it out!