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Ministry: 'Adios... Puta Madres' DVD/CD Set


This is a bittersweet treat, because I'm still sad to see Al Jourgensen’s groundbreaking industrial-metal outfit call it quits after a wild quarter-century ride...but at least they went out in classic style, blasting skulls with concussive rhythms, air-splitting guitar riffs and screeching electro-noise, as Uncle Al’s furious vocals soared mightily over it all.

Al and the band compiled those final historic moments in the superb DVD/CD package Adios... Puta Madres! which was released this spring through Jourgensen’s 13th Planet label. It’s worth it for the tunes alone, but the documentary Fuchi Requiem makes this one for the history books. A perfect gift for your old buddies who lost most of their hearing right beside you during the late ‘80s industrial revolution. The DVD is 18 bucks, but for an extra ten-spot you can get the DVD/CD bundle from the 13th Planet store.

$28 at Planet 13