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Miss FD Ain't 'fraid-a No Ghosts!


Still trying to beat the post-Halloween blues? I know it's tough, and hanging around here is obviously a fine way to deal... but as someone once said, bustin' makes ya feel good, right? Roll with me here, 'cuz I've got a musical suggestion that might perk up your spirits... cheesy pun totally intended, of course. Dark electro-pop artist (and FEARnet fave) Miss FD has teamed up with electro-rocker Deconbrio for a clever re-spin on the hit theme to the classic '80s Ghostbusters theme, and for a very limited time it's available as a totally free download. Hit the jump and find out where to get it!

After this year's release of her album Monsters in the Industry, which we covered on these pages back in April, and a set of late-summer gigs with End: The DJ, Miss FD then went on to collaborate with fellow Floridian Deconbrio (aka Danny Rendo) on a fun industrial reboot of the Ray Parker Jr. chart-buster, which features FD's playfully twisted vocals slinking atop Rendo's gritty guitar grooves. It's now available for sale via iTunes, but for today only you can download it as a freebie at this link... so charge up your positron collider and go rock it!