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News Article

Miss FD Premieres 'Enter the Void' Video

Not too long ago I told you about Monsters in the Industry – the excellent new full-length album from dark synth-pop artist Miss FD – and you might remember me hinting that there was more good stuff to come. Well, it's here right now, in the form of a seductively cool new video for the track Enter the Void. So come on in, give it a spin, and visit FD's dark world of devilish mischief...

Enter the Void was directed by Danny Rendo, who turned his cameras on various moody locations in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale to capture that balance of playfulness and mystery that made Monsters in the Industry one of the strongest dance-oriented pop releases I've heard this year... and best of all, you get a chance to see FD's vintage-style visual presentation come to life. “I’ve always been very heavily influenced by the 1920s,” FD told me recently, “from my favorite silent films, to the style of clothing, to some of my favorite singers, such as ['20s jazz-pop star ] Annette Hanshaw.”

Described as a tale of “Walking into the illusion of the world,” Enter the Void is part of the “journey” story arc laid out in Monsters... but it's also a wicked fun track, thanks to a solid, heavy beat (one of the album's strongest, in fact) and FD's goth-pixie persona, which really comes across in her onscreen performance.

Check out Enter the Void right here!