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Miss FD Premieres Ghostly 'Moment of Fade' Video


Just one month ago, dark electro artist and FEARnet fave Miss FD recently shared a playful Halloween treat in the form of her zombie-themed video "Love Magick." But now that the cold, gray skies of November have set in, FD has returned to the dark, emotionally intense world of her February 2011 release Love Never Dies (check out our album review here) with the premiere of the album's second video "Moment of Fade," which captures the emotional heart of the album by depicting the artist as a mourning ghost wandering through a barren, empty industrial wasteland. Hit the jump to watch the clip...

Directed by Adam Alvarez (who also helmed "Love Magick"), the video was shot at multiple locations around Miami, Florida, using contrasting images of light and darkness, rich color and stark black & white, with FD dressed both as a bride on a sunlit beach and in Victorian funeral garb straight from the pages of a gothic novel. The mysterious box FD carries in the clip is an actual relic from the late 19th century, adding another ghostly touch to the color scenes.

Check out "Moment of Fade" below...