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News Article

Mondo Fantastic Fest Specials + October Art Show


The Alamo Drafthouse's art gallery, Mondo, will host a special pop-up t-shirt shop at Fantastic Fest this week in Austin. Called "Brain Damage," the shop is curated by Mondo artist by Tyler Stout. Including designs by Stout, he has chosen designs by Landland, Boneface, Arik Roper, and Richey Beckett.

In addition, Mondo has announced their special October gallery show: Universal Monsters. This exhibit will feature work from Rick Baker, Jason Edmiston, Bruce White, Kevin Tong, Mike Mitchell, Drew Struzan, JC Richards, and many more. The show runs October 19th - November 10th but you can grab a sneak peek with "Creature From the Black Lagoon," a print by Laurent Durieux. This print will be available for purchase at Fantastic Fest.