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Mondo Mystery Movie IX Offers a Scary Surprise

Mondo and the Alamo Draft House hosted the Mondo Mystery Movie this weekend, and it was a doozy. The Mondo Mystery Movie is a screening series where you buy a ticket and special-edition poster - but you don't get to find out what that movie is until you arrive at the event. For this weekend's Halloween event, Mondo went all-out with a screening of the original Dawn of the Dead. Check out more details and video after the jump.

700 moviegoers boarded buses and were led by a police escort to the Highland Mall in Austin, Texas. As the buses pulled into the parking lot, they were besieged by 200 zombies. 

When the attack subsided, patrons were escorted into the mall for a screening of Dawn of the Dead, hosted by George Romero. Zombies roamed the mall as the film played. 

When it was all over, artist Jeff Proctor unveiled the poster that each attendee would receive.

Survivors (including FEARnet's own Scott Weinberg) describe their ordeal...