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Mondo Set to Release 'Halloween' Vinyl Soundtrack on Halloween


Halloween vinyl

Texas-based art gallery Mondo has continually impressed year after year, releasing limited edition art prints, VHS tapes and vinyl soundtracks that have drained our wallets and filled our homes with some of the coolest collectibles we've ever seen.  There's a reason everything they touch turns to gold - their offerings almost always immediately sell out and then go for insane prices on eBay - and that reason is because they know what we want and they give us what we want.

That's precisely what they're planning on doing this Halloween, by releasing John Carpenter's iconic Halloween soundtrack on vinyl.  GQ just broke the exclusive news about the release earlier today, which includes 28 tracks and marks the very first time the full version of Carpenter's soundtrack has ever been released on vinyl.

Mondo Halloween vinyl

Housed inside of Deluxe Gatefold packaging that's adorned with beautiful artwork from frequent Mondo collaborators Phantom City Creative, the record is a 180 Gram black vinyl, with randomly inserted orange vinyl variants.  As with all of their releases, it will go on sale at a random time on Halloween, so be sure to follow Mondo on Twitter so you're among the first to know when it's ready for purchasing.

Check out the full track listing below!

1. Halloween Theme (2:21)
2. Halloween 1963 (3:11)
3. The Evil Is Gone! (4:08)
4. Halloween 1978 (2:50)
5. The Boogie Man Is Coming (:40)
6. The Shape (1:43)
7. The Hedge (1:35)
8. He Came Home (2:40)
9. Trick Or Treat (:39)
10. The Haunted House (1:43)
11. The Devil's Eyes (1:39)
12. The Boogie Man Is Outside (1:27)
13. Damn You For Letting Him Go! (1:34)
14. Empty Street (:33)
15. See Anything You Like? (2:22)
16. Lock The Door (2:53)
17. He's Here? (:55)
18. Light's Out (2:49)
19. Cut It Out (1:19)
20. Tombstone (1:19)
21. The Shape Stalks Laurie (1:35)
22. Turn Around (:33)
23. Unlock The Door (2:09)
24. The Hanger (3:04)
25. Call The Police (:28)
26. Last Assault (1:34)
27. Was It The Boogie Man? (:32)
28. End Credits: Halloween Theme-Reprise (3:36)