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Monster-Sized Fish Hooked in Jamaica


Monster Sunfish

Here on FEARnet, our goal is not to make sure that you never step foot in the water again.  We promise.  But when scary monster fish are caught in the sea, we are simply compelled to report about it.  It's our job.  And if you're scarred for life as a result, we deeply apologize.  Sincerely.

Over in Jamaica, two local fishermen made a most bizarre-looking catch last Sunday night, hooking and reeling in a 900-pound behemoth that looked like nothing they had ever found on the end of their poles before. So massive and unusual looking was the fish that the men actually became convinced that it was not even of this world.  "At first I thought it was an alien, and I was somewhat frightened," said one of the men.

The battle lasted nearly two hours before Desmond Phillips and Michael Grant were able to hoist the fish up into their boat, and haul the nearly one-ton beast to shore.  Curious and horrified onlookers gathered and echoed the same sentiments as the men, almost sure that the creature was some form of alien sea life.

So what kind of fish is this?  It's called a Sunfish, and they're one of the biggest species of fish in the world, some of them weighing in at a whopping 5,000 pounds.  Sunfish are not typically found in Jamaica, which is why the men had never seen one before and were given the fright of their lives by this fella.

Thankfully, Sunfish are said to be totally harmless to humans.  Yea.  Whatever helps you sleep at night...