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Monsters and Aliens Attack in Epic Bus Shelter Prank


Pepsi prank

Advances in technology have taken pranks to incredible new levels, as we saw when one prankster used his smart phone to convince people that ghosts are indeed real. The hi-tech hijinks continued when a Russian water tricked an unsuspecting diner into thinking a cockroach was crawling on her hand, and now Pepsi has gotten in on the fun with perhaps the most epic prank we've ever seen.

As we spotted over on The London Evening Standard, Pepsi earlier this week installed Augmented Reality technology at a central London bus shelter, which they used to unleash giant monsters on the city. How is that even possible, you ask? Well, the technology mapped the frightening CG graphics directly over top of a live video feed, which was displayed on the side of the bus shelter. The unsuspecting commuters of course thought the feed was merely a window that they were looking through.

The clever trick was all about giving people unbelievable thrills... and boy did it ever.

Check out the incredible prank below, which you've gotta see to believe!

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