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Monsters Horrify 'Kids' in New MGMT Video

Jeez, I step away from my desk for a few days and this is what happens! Lots of buzz has emerged after Brooklyn indie synth-pop band MGMT released the official video for their hit single “Kids”… a song which wouldn’t really make much of a blip on the horror radar by itself, so I didn’t really take notice right away. But the new video – which apparently took many months to produce – is another story altogether, as it’s filled to the brim with drooling, weird-ass monsters scheming to get their hands on a little tyke who no doubt is gonna need decades of elaborate therapy to work out his issues. Go below, viddy the clip and you’ll see what I mean…

The third single from MGMT’s major-label debut Oracular Spectacular, “Kids” came out last October, but the official video, directed by Ray Tintori, has just now reached audiences (although a popular fan-made video came out in December). Since the premiere last week, reactions have ranged from sheer delight to complete revulsion – with a few viewers shouting allegations of child abuse, thanks to the monstrous horrors heaped on the video’s toddler hero, who probably needed very little prompting to cry on cue. (Also more than a few well-read folks pointed out that the famous opening quote about “he who fights monsters” is not actually from Mark Twain, but was instead written by Nietzsche.)

Check out the vid below, reopen some deep childhood scars and welcome some fresh new nightmares!