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Moonspell and Samael Join Forces for USA Tour


I've written a manly pile of words praising Portugal's premier gothic metal outfit Moonspell, ever since they caught my attention with their musical contributions to Miguel Ángel Vivas's award-winning zombie short "I'll See You In My Dreams," then blew my mind with last year's Night Eternal, their best album to date. I missed the chance to see them in concert last time around, but thankfully for me and other sunlight-shunning fans in North America, they're teaming up with Swiss epic-metallers Samael for a new US tour this fall. The details of that tour can be found after the jump. Read on!

The "Night Eternal Above America" tour features Moonspell and Samael as headliners, supported by Satanic metallers Book of Black Earth and occult-themed band Secrets of the Moon.

It's the first time Moonspell has played on US shores since the "Blackest of the Black" tour with Danzig and Dimmu Borgir. And vocalist Fernando Ribeiro expressed his excitement about the new event – which he proclaimed would be "full moon madness" – with his usual Byronic grandeur: "Call me emotional, but as a southern dark fuck I have the gut feeling that this will be the best and most important tour we have ever done in America," Ribeiro told the band's fans. "Sharing the stage with Samael again is an honor we highly regard."

He's also enthusiastic about increasing the band's share on this side of the Atlantic: "We fear not to be a headliner in a country where we know we are still giving baby steps," he continues, "and we'll do our best, musically and visually to deliver upon you the ‘Night Eternal', the solar and the lunar, in our songs and bodies."

The tour is fairly short – running from October 14th to November 6th – and tickets are going on sale this month, so be sure to check Moonspell's MySpace [] or their excellently spooky "Infernet" site [] for more details. I'm making damn sure I snag mine early this time…