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News Article

Moonspell Working On New Album


In a recent interview with the German version of Metal Hammer magazine (recorded during that country’s famous Summer Breeze music festival), Moonspell frontman Fernando Ribeiro discussed the Portuguese gothic-metal overlords' next studio project – something the singer hinted at being even “more blasphemous but also more elegant” than anything the band has attempted before... and that's saying a lot, since elegant blasphemy is this band's stock in trade. Catch the best bits below...

Although the video interview begins in German, the reporter switches to English to chat with the towering Ribeiro, who comments how the fest's sunny outdoor venue is sort of at odds with his pale, vampiric nature, but seems to be enjoying himself nonetheless as he hints about the work to come – which he hopes could be released next year. “I already have all the story in my head,” he reported, suggesting a concept album along the lines of King Diamond's Abigail, or Queensrÿche's Operation: Mindcrime.

“I think we always have been a conceptual band,” he continued, recapping their past hit records: “Wolfheart is a concept, Irreligious is a concept, Memorial is a concept, Night Eternal is a concept, but never in the way of those albums... I think everything has to tie with each other, and I think that's what we do with Moonspell.”