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Morbid Lovers Serve Up Their Own Severed Heads As Wedding Cake


severed head wedding cake

Is there anything more beautiful than the marriage of two young lovers, coming together to publicly vow that they'll always be there for one another... till death do them part?  Well, one Austin, Texas couple has taken those vows to a whole nother level, and I'm not exactly sure that most would use the word beautiful to describe their morbid show of affection for one another.  Beautiful just isn't the right word for the incredibly disturbing wedding cake they served up to their friends and family, on the most important night of their lives.

The couple married at Austin's Alamo Drafthouse, and they commissioned Cleveland, Ohio's Sideserf Cake Studio to bake up the most macabre cake that has probably ever been made.  Actually, they made the couple two separate cakes - one depicting the severed head of the bride, the other of the groom.  Blood oozing out of their neck stumps and onto a table, a fondant banner was placed next to the heads, reading 'Till Death Do Us Part.'  Well, that's one way to show your undying love for one another!

Romantic?  Or just plain sick?  Let us know what you think by commenting below!

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