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More Halloween Decorations Causing Community Outrage


Halloween display

Uptight citizens complaining about Halloween decorations in their communities seems to be the norm this year.  First, the cops were called on an Oklahoma man because of his grisly driveway display and then a man over in the UK was forced to take down his Texas Chainsaw Massacre-themed decorations, which were deemed too terrifying for children.  Now, it's a Brooklyn, NY resident whose festive decor is drawing the ire of neighbors.

The man used mostly baby dolls to decorate his front lawn, an admittedly gruesome display that includes babies being operated on, babies with knives in their heads and even babies with other babies bursting out of their stomachs - Alien style.

Located on Bergen Street, the yard display has spawned outrage from mothers in the area, one of them being quoted as saying that the decorations reflect poorly on Brooklyn and the neighborhood.  Another woman was seen shielding her children's eyes from the display.  Despite the complaints, the cops have yet to be called, and the man has not been forced to take his decorations down.

"We realize that some of the vignettes may be a bit dramatic," said the man who transformed his lawn into dead baby central.  "But we remind our neighbors and viewers that the display is done tongue-firmly-in-cheek and is in keeping with the spirit and letter of the holiday. We encourage our neighbors to take the opportunity to laugh at the display and to enjoy the thrill, knowing that it is all for show."

Did the creator of this yard display go too far, or is he simply having a little harmless holiday fun?  Check out some more photos from the display below, and let us know what you think in the comments section!

Halloween decorations

Bergen street decorations

Halloween decorations