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More Horror Icons Join Funko's Retro Toy Line; Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers and Others!


Freddy Krueger ReAction

Last week, Funko and Super7 revealed sneak peeks at several new lines of ReAction Figures, giving their unique retro-style to folks like Predator and Snake Plissken. They also revealed that many other big screen icons would soon be getting the same treatment, and pictures of all of those upcoming figures have just been posted over on Entertainment Earth.

These figures have been getting a lot of flack in the horror community over the course of this past week, with many fans feeling that they "look like crap" and just aren't up to the quality standards that we've come to expect from Funko. Personally, I feel that's exactly what makes these so cool, because they are, after all, supposed to evoke the spirit of the simpler toys of the 70s and 80s, from companies like Remco and Kenner. But to each their own, I suppose.

Check out images of all the new upcoming ReAction Figures, and head over to Entertainment Earth to see more. While there, you can also place pre-orders for your favorites. They're all set for release this year, at various different times.

Pinhead ReAction Figures

Michael Myers ReAction Figures

Jason Voorhees ReAction Figures

Trick 'r Treat ReAction Figures

Creature from the Black Lagoon ReAction Figures

Bride of Frankenstein ReAction Figures

Frankenstein ReAction Figures

Dracula ReAction Figures

The Mummy ReAction Figures