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More Horror Movies Re-Imagined as Goosebumps Books


Black Christmas Goosebumps

Back in October we introduced you to a Tumblr blog called If It Were Stine, comprised of front and back covers for faux Goosebumps books, based on popular fan-favorite horror flicks.  At the time, the artists on the site had created covers for films like Halloween 3, Carrie and Suspiria, giving the movies family friendly R.L. Stine-inspired makeovers - Suspiria becoming Attack of the Ballet Witches, for example.  If It Were Stine is just the kind of fun project we absolutely love here on FEARnet, and we're here today to unload a brand new pile of books on ya.

Since we made that post, the If It Were Stine archives have been beefed up quite a bit, and the blog has been infused with ample doses of the holiday horror spirit.  Films like Black Christmas, Jack Frost and Rare Exports have all been given the Stine treatment in recent weeks, along with The Descent, Tremors, Phantasm and even Troll 2.

Check out some of our favorites from the new batch below, and see many more over on If It Were Stine - which is also now on Facebook!

Rare Exports Goosebumps

Jack Frost Goosebumps

The Descent Goosebumps

Puppet Master Goosebumps

Troll 2 Goosebumps

Tremors Goosebumps