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News Article

More KISS Album Info...Maybe

This just in from there have been some new rumors (none officially confirmed at the moment) buzzing about the new KISS album, which already has fans of the legendary band’s old-school output salivating for more. Some of those hints include a possible title, tentative release date, a sneak peek at a few tracks, and some other release details… again, none of which is technically a done deal, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Go down for the lowdown!

According to the site, there’s been some hints that the new album will be titled Sonic Boom – at least according to the editor of Guitar Player magazine, who heard five tracks from the album last week (including "Russian Roulette," "Modern Day Delilah" and "Stand") and reported that Sonic Boom was the title on the band’s studio monitors at the time. This may just be a little sleight-of-hand misdirection on the band’s part, but rumor also has it that the band has trademarked that particular title, so it’s not beyond the realm of possibility.

Whatever they end up calling it, the album is scheduled for a tentative October 6th release, and according to the same source, the new material sounds worth the wait. The magazine praised the work of all band members, and seemed to confirm what we’ve been hearing all along – that the band has finally returned to its ‘70s golden age sound. He also confirmed that guitarist Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer really shine in their first-ever lead vocal parts.

Again, none of this info is necessarily for real… but damn it, we’ll find out one way or another.