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News Article

More Morbid Mortuary Merchandise from KISS

Remember those oh-so-classy KISS Kaskets? For those of you who thought they just weren't skeevy enough (no offense to metal hero Dimebag Darrell, who was buried in one), the folks at Eternal Image, Inc. have rolled out another way to KISS your ass goodbye... or rather your ashes, in the form of a pricey cremation urn that your loved ones can proudly display in your home (you hope) after you've rocked yourself to death. Hit the jump to take a close-up look at this little beauty, and discover how the gods of Rock & Roll can market just about anything.

The first model, shown here, is eight inches tall and sells for a whopping $650. The company will be releasing three additional models later this year.

"We call this particular KISS urn our 'Monument' model," announced Eternal Image VP Donna Shatter (which, by the way, would make an excellent stage name). "This urn offers fans a unique expression of their passion for the legendary rock band. It features full-color images of the band members and the KISS flame logo – all displayed against a striking black metallic finish." This item and the KISS Kaskets can be ordered from the company's website.

If you've already bought your lovely KISS Kasket, the company has also released a KISS Army ceremonial flag to drape over it (or any coffin, for that matter) before they drop you in the hole.

This is getting too damn weird. We're done here.