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More 'Night of the Demons' Soundtrack News!

Director Adam Gierasch recently revealed more of the bands contributing to the soundtrack of his Night of the Demons remake, which is on track for theatrical release this October. The participating artists – including legendary horror punks 45 Grave – received an update from the director recently, and passed along the new info to their fans. Hit the jump and find out who else is playing at Angela’s party!

The remake of the ‘80s low-budget cult hit – which centers around the demonic invasion of a Halloween party taking place in New Orleans’ Broussard Mansion – boasts a stellar lineup from the ranks of horror punk, goth, death metal, psychobilly and other genre-centric styles. 45 Grave contribute an original track, and bands like Psycho Charger, Goatwhore, Concrete Blonde, Type O Negative, TSOL, Zombie Girl and Wednesday 13 all manage to boost the flick’s indie cult horror cred.

“Joe Bishara [Repo! The Genetic Opera] has done a great job helping me to assemble some evil horror rock for the soundtrack,” Gierasch declared in the announcement. “They’re all pretty rockin’.”

Night of the Demons is on track for theatrical release on October 9th, and more details about the soundtrack album are coming soon.