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News Article

Mortiis Goes Unmasked for New Album


Norwegian industrial superstars Mortiis are famous to dark-rock fans around the world thanks to frontman Håvard Ellefsen's fetish for horrific facial appliances that made him look like a musically-inclined escapee from Tolkien's orc hordes... but Ellefsen has recently cast aside the latex to perform in more human guise as the band's new album The Great Deceiver nears completion.

Although the new material maintains the foundation of electronically-infused heavy rock that characterizes much of the group's 21st century output – including previous album Some Kind of Heroin – the band asserts that Deceiver marks a new era in the band's sound. “Forget what you think you know about Mortiis,” the band announced in their press release. “Start over with a clean slate. That is exactly what Mortiis has done.”

That new approach draws heavily on '90s influences, however, and benefits from the production skills of Chris Vrenna – alumnus of both Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson – who helped Mortiis capture the feel of industrial's glory days. “If you wondered what would have happened had both the industrial rock and the aggro-core movement of the ’90s not stalled, but continued evolving into something brash, new and original,” the band declares, “you finally have your answer.”

The band also announced the imminent arrival of music videos for the tracks "Doppelganger" and "Zeitgeist" – both directed by renowned photographer Robyn Von Swank, whose art has long been incorporated into the band's imagery.