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Mortiis Releases Brutal Soundtrack to Horror Short 'Vardøger'


Long-time FEARnet fave Mortiis is known around the world for his brutal brand of industrial rock, but his skill with dark experimental electronic soundscapes has led to collaborations with horror filmmakers like Adam Mason (Broken, The Devil's Chair), and he's got a couple of horror-themed music videos waiting in the wings to promote his band's upcoming album The Great Deceiver (check out our in-depth interview with Mortiis for more details and some glimpses behind the scenes). During that album's recording sessions, the track “Geisteskrank” was born, and that haunting piece serves as the pulsing black heart of Vardøger, a shocking new short film from controversial Norwegian director Reinert Kiil.

Mortiis describes the collaboration as “sleazy, strange, disturbing, and extremely violent,” with the music “sonically fused” to the unsettling visions, which he believes reveal the filmmaker's personal demons. “I can relate to that, the grit and the decadence. It was a huge part of my life for a long time, as well… that collection of demons and the various ways in which they manifest themselves. With me it was music and lyrics... with Reinert it’s the visual.”
Vardøger premiered in Oslo last month, along with Kiil's feature films Hora and Inside the Whore, but this week Mortiis made “Geisteskrank” available as a free download at his official site. If you're into ultra-dark industrial metal, this one's a keeper for your collection. Check out the trailer below...