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Mother Finds Severed Snake Head in Bag of Frozen Veggies


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If you thought finding a spider in a bag of grapes was horrifying, then you aint seen nothing yet...

As reported by Malaysian Digest, Oregon mother Misty Moser was recently preparing dinner for her family when she poured a most unexpected surprise out of a bag of frozen green beans, which her eyes initially registered as a clump of bean stems.  After defrosting the frozen veggies in a bowl of water, she realized that the strange clump was actually the severed and decomposing head of a snake, which properly scared the living daylights out of her.  "It started to kind of unfold," she told KOIN 6 News. "It was in a little ball and I noticed it had a mouth, and nostrils, and little tiny eyes. Not what I had thought I was buying."

Once Moser composed herself, she placed a call to a customer service representative for the supermarket chain she purchased the bag of veggies from, who apparently didn't do much other than tell her to throw the bag away and offer her a $15 coupon to the store.  Once a public affairs representative for the chain got a hold of Moser, she instructed her to bring the bag, and the head, in for examination.  They're investigating the issue in an effort to make sure it never happens again.

The most horrifying part of this story?  Moser and her family had eaten beans from that same bag earlier in the week, never knowing that the head of a snake had been hanging out with their dinner.  Yea.  I think I'll just stop eating food altogether.