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'Murder-Set-Pieces' Director Plans Next Move


Murder-Set-PiecesNick Palumbo’s sadistic slasher Murder-Set-Pieces created a lot of controversy when it was released in 2004 with a NC-17 rating.  Some considered the movie too gory and sexually violent and it was banned outright in the UK.  We haven’t heard much from Palumbo since then, but Deadline reports that he is planning his return with two movies,  “psychological horror” film Muse and “indie neo-noir thriller” Last Gas Station.

“ ... Muse introduces newcomer Samantha Mion as an actress descending into homicidal madness in Los Angeles. Patrick Scott Lewis (Zodiac) co-stars as a fellow actor. Palumbo wrote and will direct the pic, producing with David Palumbo and James Cullen Bressack (Hate Crime) for the trio’s Fright Flix banner,” Deadline said.

Palumbo is reportedly planning to cut Muse for an R rating, but knowing the director’s background and style there’s no doubt the movie will be heavy on the blood-soaked scenes. Watch the red band (!) trailer from the stylish Murder-Set-Pieces:

via Deadline