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Mustaine Dishes Details On Megadeth's Next Album


Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine just unloaded a mountain of sweet year-end info at the band’s official site, including some key details regarding their new album – the anxiously awaited (but still untitled) follow-up to 2007’s United Abominations – and the band’s first studio work with new guitarist Chris Broderick, who replaced longtime axe-wielder Glen Drover late last year."I am more excited about this new record than I was with United Abominations or anything in the last several years,” Mustaine writes. “I can say that the five out of nine songs I have arranged, I like and love them all, and every one of the songs has one or more of the strong points of me as a guitarist being showcased instead of me writing songs for radio… radio that won't play us anyway..."

Mustaine expressed great enthusiasm for Broderick, who has some big boots to fill, but so far has impressed audiences during the band’s 2008 tour, and continues to kick ass in the studio, even sharing in some of the songwriting duties.

This is really going to be a record that will make a lot of people that thought we couldn't do it anymore sit up and take notice. Of course, there will not be a fast-enough song on here for a lot of people, or a heavy enough song, or something that will permit some of our visitors here to piss and moan about stuff.” Mustaine assured fans that track titles would be posted soon, so be sure to visit their site for updates.