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My Little Pony Gets Centipede Treatment


The Human Centipede has provided a never-ending treasure trove of parodies and tributes. Just a few examples include the HUMANCENTIiAD on South Park, an adult entertainment version of the film entitled The Human Sexipede, the human skirtpede and human scarfipede clothing tributes, and, let’s not forget, the $100 centipede cat toy. Now there's another addition to The Human Centipede's ever-multiplying army of spin-offs: My Little Pony Centipede (I like to call it to My Little Ponypede).

When you were a kid you probably cut the hair off your dolls, maybe you even gave your Barbie a nose ring. But it’s unlikely that you ever considered sewing Barbie’s mouth to Ken’s ass. Thankfully, someone else has made up for your lack of creative vision with the My Little Pony Centipede. Even as a kid, I hated My Little Pony and thought that all the mane brushing and braiding was a waste of time. So, this craft seems like a fitting end to those pretty pony princesses. It's the doll equivalent of seeing Paris Hilton get skewered in House of Wax, except that the ponies are more believable.

Though My Little Pony Centipede says it’s sold out on Etsy, the shop owner states it can be made on demand, and it appears she may have even slashed her prices. Now it's even cheaper to scare children away with your very own My Little Ponypede, today!

via Etsy