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Nachtmahr Orders You to Dance!

The so-called “Nightmare Troops” of Austrian electro-industrial outfit Nachtmahr have unleashed the first assault of a new musical campaign on the clubs and headphones of the world. Nachtmahr issued a stern warning to prepare for the arrival of their sophomore album Alle Lust will Ewigkeit (All Joy Wants Eternity) on August 7th. That warning came in the form of the album’s first single, Tanzdiktator (Dance Dictator). Find out more about Nachtmahr’s plan for world domination below the fold!

Nachtmahr is the creation of Thomas Rainer, popular DJ and co-founder of acclaimed gothic band L'Ame Immortelle. The two-year-old project is a far cry from the moody, romantic female-fronted sound of that group, focusing instead on a brutal, darkly militaristic style with themes and imagery straight out of George Orwell’s 1984 and adopting the ominous slogan “World Power or Demise.” The band offered the world a taste of those “fatalistic speeches, thundering beats, rattling sequences and brutally distorted vocals” late last week, when they posted the new single exclusively to their official MySpace.

In light of their growing popularity in the US, Rainer and company are currently assaulting North American shores this month as part of their second “Imperial Invasion” tour – this time concentrating their “armed ground operations” (we’re assuming they don’t mean that literally) on a handful of East Coast US venues.

Check out the new single at the band’s official MySpace now!