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News Article

NBC Next in Line to Try a Supernatural Soap Opera

ABC struck out with Happy Town and Eastwick.  CBS's Harper's Island barely made it through its full season.  But that is not stopping NBC.  The Peacock is heading into those dark and soapy waters with Vines, currently being developed for the Fall 2011 season.  I am hopeful for this series because 1.) I always want spooky TV to do well; and 2.) it has a very big genre name attached....

...That name would be Hideo Nakata, director of the original The Ring.  He will be executive producing the series, and may pop in to direct an episode or two.  According to, the show focuses on a "troubled family desperate for a fresh start that takes over a Napa Valley winery whose ancient vines possess dangerous mystical powers."  Mark Kruger (Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh) will write, and Michael Aguilar (The Crazies) will produce.  It's a good lineup, but will it work on network television?