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NECA Unveils 8-Bit Robocop Action Figure!


Robocop NES

At this past summer's San Diego Comic Con, NECA won us all over with the release of a convention exclusive Jason Voorhees action figure - based on his appearance in the oddball Friday the 13th NES game from 1989.  Brightly colored in shades of blue and purple, the figure was undoubtedly the most unique Jason figure ever made, quickly selling out and becoming one of the most sought-after Friday the 13th collectibles ever produced.

NECA capitalized on the raging success of the NES-inspired figure shortly thereafter, giving Freddy the very same 8-bit treatment.  The two figures left fans with only two questions; Will there be more?  And if so, who's next?!

NES Robocop

NECA put an end to those questions today by unveiling the first look at the latest addition to their budding 8-bit line; Robocop, based on his colorful look in the 1989 NES video game.  The fully articulated 7-inch figure comes with a spring-loaded holster and Auto-9 pistol.   Best of all, just like Jason and Freddy, the retro-style figure will be housed inside of window box packaging that recreates the look and feel of the video game packaging!

NECA Robocop

Limited to only one production run, NES Robocop is scheduled for release in February of 2014.  You can see more pictures over on NECA's website.