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News Article

Necrophagia Announce New Album for 2012

According to a brief but interesting update on, gore/death metal icons Necrophagia have just announced a follow-up to this spring's long-awaited album Deathtrip 69 (check out our review here). The new full-length studio record, to be titled Whiteworm Cathedral – no doubt inspired by Bram Stoker's Lair of the White Worm and the insane Ken Russell film adaptation – is scheduled to arrive next fall. More after the jump!

It says in the article that Whiteworm Cathedral is tentatively set for a Halloween 2012 release. If you recall, the long-delayed Deathtrip 69 was also timed for Halloween back in 2010, but got pushed back to May of this year. Thankfully, the album was worth the wait, and reassured fans that these death-metal pioneers (who first smashed their way onto the scene in the early '80s) have not lost their edge and remain loyal to their influences – most notably horror flicks, from esteemed classics to obscure grindhouse gems and even more extreme cinema. Case in point: earlier this year, the band played two live sets between screenings of Toe Tag Pictures' notorious August Underground gonzo-gore trilogy to commemorate the first film's 10th anniversary.

We'll report further updates from the band as they happen...