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Necrophagia to Preach 'Gospel of Gore'

According to a new update from Necrophagia – revered by extreme music fans as the true pioneers of horror-themed death metal – the band is not only in the thick of the recording process for their long-awaited new album Deathtrip 69, but they’ll soon be collaborating with some top terror talents for the creation of a new DVD to be titled The Gospel of Gore. After a five-year wait, it sounds like frontman Killjoy and his partners in crime are prepared to reward the faithful in a big way… flip it over and find out what’s coming!

In a statement on their MySpace, the band indicated that they will be approaching some notable names to assist them in the creation of the DVD… some of which could include Jim Van Bebber (The Manson Family), “Godfather of Gore” Herschell Gordon Lewis (Blood Feast, 2000 Maniacs), makeup FX maestros like Tom Savini and Toe Tag Pictures (the August Underground series), director Mariano Baino (Dark Waters), original “Leatherface” Gunnar Hansen, Hart D. Fisher (Garbage Man), and former Rue Morgue Magazine editor Jovanka Vuckovic.

Several of the people cited have worked with the band on previous outings: Van Bebber has worked closely with the band on many projects, including the DVD Through the Eyes of the Dead; while the Toe Tag team has contributed gore and monster FX work for many of the band’s videos. Necrophagia’s numerous horror homages have also featured late, great Spanish horror icon Jacinto Molina (aka Paul Naschy), and legendary Brazilian auteur Jose Mojica Marins, known to US fans as Coffin Joe.

There will be plenty of updates to come once work begins on the new DVD… and of course, we’ll keep you posted on the progress of Deathtrip 69, which the band is targeting for release this Halloween. The band’s lineup marks the return of keyboardist Opal Enthroned (whose former husband, Pantera’s Phil Anselmo, was once a Necrophagia collaborator) and the recent addition of ex-Hallowmas guitarist Boris Randall; the band has also hinted that additional lead guitar contributions may be provided by Slipknot’s Mick Thompson. Keep checking these pages for more developments!