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Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer Make a "Science Fiction Double Feature"

I just learned there was something missing from my Halloween this year. That something would be author Neil Gaiman and musician Amanda Palmer's performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show's opening song, "Science Fiction Double Feature" on the October 31st episode of CBS's The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson. If you caught the show, good for you. You're clearly more on the ball than I am. The rest of you, please join me after the jump for one of the oddest, coolest musical collaborations I've seen in recent memory.

Gaiman and Palmer, who are married in real life, kicked off their west coast mini-tour on the 31st in LA. On the Ferguson show they  were joined by two equally eclectic artists -- Moby and the Magnetic Fields' Stephin Merritt. As a longtime fan of "Science Fiction Double Feature" (which I consider to be the Geek National Anthem), I'm pretty delighted with the spin these four talented folks give it.