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Nevermore Hatching a 'Conspiracy' This Summer

Seattle doom-metal outfit Nevermore have declared that the long awaited follow-up to their beloved 2005 studio album This Godless Endeavor is about to get underway. The band announced this week that the new record will be entitled The Obsidian Conspiracy, and they plan to begin recording near the end of the summer. We’ve got more details after the jump!

Tracking for The Obsidian Conspiracy is scheduled for August, with an early 2010 release date in mind. Nevermore will be teaming up in the studio with producer Peter Wichers, who has worked previously with frontman Warrel Dane’s side project, Praises to the War Machine. Also at the mixing boards will be Andy Sneap, who has worked with the band on previous albums, and whose resume includes metal icons Megadeth and Swedish prog-metallers Opeth.

Dane shared his enthusiasm about the project on the band’s MySpace: “These songs are full of newfound rage, lyrically and musically,” he explained. “Jeff Loomis has come up with some amazing new riffs that will no doubt please old and new fans alike. Also, I think the combination of Peter and Andy will result in something very, very special.”

Dane plans on keeping a journal of the recording process, and soon you can follow those updates via Twitter.