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News Article

New ‘Daylight’ Trailer Reminds You to Stay the Hell Out of Abandoned Hospitals

If there’s one trope about horror I’ll never understand, it’s people skulking around abandoned hospitals.  At best, you’ll find a bunch of old patient files and rusty equipment.  At worst, you’ll be faced with pants-soiling supernatural horror that will leave you a gibbering heap in a filthy hallway.

Atlus and Zombie Studios’ upcoming Daylight falls squarely into the latter camp (although I would be greatly amused by a game that has you clucking your tongue at the poor clerical skills of the hospital’s absentee administration), giving you a procedurally-generated traipse through a crusty clinic, relentlessly pursued by something.  The trailer shows off some survival-slanted gameplay that may not look like it’s pushing the Playstation 4 to its limits, but could be quite capable of some shocks and shivers nonetheless.

Daylight will be released “early 2014” for Playstation 4 and PC.

[Source: Joystiq]