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New Alan Wake Footage


For those of us who can’t wait until spring of next year to sink their teeth into Remedy’s new action thriller Alan Wake, every little taste of new media is a morsel to be savored.  Well, another one of those big, gooey morsels has been provided by the fine folks at G4TV, which peels back a few more layers of Alan Wake’s mystery.

Narrated by Remedy’s resident writer Sam Lake, the video introduces us to the game’s “comic relief,” Barry Wheeler, as well as touches upon the “episodic” nature of the game, which breaks up scenes into TV-style chunks.  Not to sound too cynical, but that idea didn’t work out too well in the recent Alone in the Dark remake, so I worry about this attempt at pacing.  However, Remedy seems to thrive on unorthodox ideas ( seemed to fly in the face of logic with how well it worked) so if anyone can pull off peculiar, somewhat unproven ideas, I think it would be them.Max Payne

Alan Wake will be released Spring 2010 for Xbox 360.