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New Blood for 'True Blood'

Let the pining begin as HBO teases us with new True Blood cast members - and a good nine months or so before we get to see the show. It appears that next season will be a howling one, with lots of new werewolves joining the pack. First up is Annie, the mother of the now-deceased pack leader, Marcus. Dale Dickey will play the role. She is most recognizable as Earl's mom on My Name is Earl, but has held roles genre flicks like Super 8, Trailer Park of Terror, and A Perfect Getaway. More spoilers can be found after the break.

Another werewolf role still up for grabs is J.D., a fiftysomething alpha male who is suspected to be Alcide's father. 

Also joining the cast as a series regular is a new bloodsucker, played by Lucy Griffiths (from BBC's Robin Hood, and the failed CW zombie pilot Awakenings). Griffiths will appear as Nora, a vampire who was sired by Godric and is working as a double agent for the Vampire Authority.