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New Book 'Hidden Horror' Celebrates Underrated Fright Flicks


Hidden Horror book

If you're a lifelong horror fan like myself, you've probably felt from time to time that you've seen every movie there is to see, and that there are no more gems left for you to discover.  It's totally normal to feel that way, but I can assure you that you couldn't possibly be more wrong.  No matter how many years you've been ingesting horror movies, there will always be a wealth of fantastic ones that are ripe for discovery - it's just a matter of knowing where to look, and being guided in the right direction.  Thanks to the new book Hidden Horror, that search has never been easier.

Hidden Horror is the brain-child of Aaron Christensen, whose name you may recognize from the pages of HorrorHound Magazine.  In an effort to help provide exposure to some of horror cinema's most underrated and overlooked films, Aaron reached out to friends and fellow writers in the horror community, giving each of them the freedom to choose their favorite films that fall into those categories, and essentially write love letters to them.

In the works for the past year, the book is finally completed and available for purchase, and it's jam packed with 101 essays from 101 different writers (including yours truly and FEARNET's own Kristy Jett and Lawrence Raffel!), who cover everything from films you know about but maybe never watched, like May, to more obscure treasures such as Tombs of the Blind Dead and The Hands of Orlac.  In other words, if you buy the book, it'll be a long time before you ever again find yourself thinking that you've seen it all!

You can purchase a copy for yourself over on Amazon, for less than $15.  Learn more about the book on the Hidden Horror Facebook page.