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New Details on 'The Munsters' Reboot

So by now, we have all accepted the fact that NBC is doing a remake of The Munsters with Bryan Singer (X-Men, House) and Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies), likely for the 2012-2013 season. The wheels are in motion, all we can do is hope it doesn't suck. I have little faith in the reboot. For one, remakes of old TV shows into new TV shows never do well (see: Charlie's Angels, Dragnet, Knight Rider, Kolchak the Night Stalker. The only possible exception is Hawaii Five-0, but that is still only in its second season). For another, it sounds like the new Munsters will have a totally different vibe. If that is the case, why not give it a different title and just log line it with "The Munsters meets The X-Files" or something like that.

Anyway, new details have emerged about the direction the new series is headed in. Spoilers follow after the jump. has exclusive info on the new Munsters. According to the Aussie site, Eddie will be the focus of the show, and his werewolfism will be considered a medical condition. Lily, it seems, is now a witch, and Herman sheds his Frankenstein's monster appearance. Instead, he is a slim, handsome 30-something with a few scars, a steampunk invention created by Grandpa to give his daughter the perfect husband. Marilyn is still on board, the perfect, non-monster blonde, who helps her family purchase a house that was once owned by a serial killer, and may very well be haunted.

Frankly, reading all these details made me far less excited about the show (not that I was really excited to begin with). But it sounds like Fuller and Singer are throwing too much into this series, waiting to see what sticks. That could also be NBC's doing, too: they like high-concept "event" series (The Event, Persons Unknown) but I don't think they have quite figured out how to do it yet (Grimm is a start).

Anyway, take these details with a grian of salt. Movie Hole says these deets are exclusive, and while some of the facts (like Grandpa creating Herman) seem in line with what I've been hearing about the show, the author of this article is a little too excited for the show, believing it will be "one of the highlights of 2012." Personally I have higher hopes for Fuller's other genre pilot, Hannibal.

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