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News Article

New Game 'Narcosis' Brings Horror Beneath the Sea


I have a unique relationship with water: I love it, love swimming, love splashing around in it...but I'm terrified of drowning.  Needless to say, the announcement for the upcoming survival-horror game Narcosis has my interest more than a little piqued.

Set deep under the Pacific Ocean, Narcosis has us donning a deep-sea diving suit of an industrial diver, severed from the surface by a mysterious accident.  Running low on oxygen, players will have to reach the surface before their air supply, and their sanity, run out.

The plodding, underwater pacing, coupled with a sense of claustrophobia that only the ocean floor can give, look to make this an incredibly anxiety-inducing experience, especially with the eerily beautiful Unity-engine powered graphics.

Check out some screenshots and a trailer below.  You can get more info at the official website, or right here at FEARNET.