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News Article

New Powerman 5000 Album Coming Soon!

We're excited to announce the arrival of the long-awaited seventh studio project from cosmic electro-metal outfit Powerman 5000, and not just because the band's frontman is none other than FEARnet on-camera correspondent Spider... although we're not above a little name-dropping now and then. But seriously, this is great news if you dig extreme music with a city-stomping monster groove. The new album, titled Somewhere on the Other Side of Nowhere, is descending to earth next month, and we've got the dirty on it... so click on through for the whole sordid story!

"We made this record with a clear vision and a purpose," says Spider (aka Spider One). "We wanted to reclaim a sound we created and represent certain influences as only a band like Powerman 5000 can." Those influences build on the genre-friendly themes the band spins so well, and can be heard in tracks like "Horror Show," "Super Villain," "Get Your Bones" and "V is for Vampire," and were reportedly inspired by marathon sessions of Ultraman and Godzilla flicks, which the band absorbed while writing the new material. "We knew that this record needed to sound like the footsteps of a giant robot," Spider declares.

He also explains that the music's themes go a bit deeper than that, citing the words of iconic science fiction author H.G. Wells: "'Man is the unnatural animal, the rebel child of nature'...That is an ongoing theme in the songs, our inability to find a place in our own world."

Spider tells FEARnet exclusively, 'If you like the sound of electro-metal robot assassins battling the rising undead, all the while contemplating mans disfunction and ultimate uselessness in the universe then I think this record is for you.'

Somewhere on the Other Side of Nowhere streets on October 6th, and the band is hitting the road to promote it with a fall tour – kicking off on the 26th at Hollywood's legendary Whisky A Go Go, and continuing on through mid-November. The full list of dates & venues is available at their official MySpace. Also look for the video for "Super Villain" to premiere later this month.