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News Article

New Psyclon Nine Album Coming Soon!

This is awesome news for fans of seriously warped evil music, so pay attention. After a three-year period of relentless touring amid shadowy suggestions of new studio material, techno-black-metal fusion band Psyclon Nine are finally putting the finishing moves on their fourth album We The Fallen, which is now slated for release on September 8th. If you haven’t heard of these dudes before now, we’ll fill you in below the jump… but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Beginning their career in 2000 as a straightforward dark electro outfit, the members of Psyclon Nine apparently underwent a demonic possession at some point and slipped all the way to the dark side, fusing elements of black metal – particularly screeching banshee vocals and raging tremolo guitar riffs – to their heavy techno beats. The result is a mutant hybrid that is not quite cyber-metal, not quite industrial, and definitely not safe for consumption by the sane.

Expanding on the merciless aggression of their 2006 release Crwn Thy Frnicatr, the new material is being promoted as P9’s “darkest, most aggressive album to date.” Sure, everyone in extreme music makes a similar boast to promote their latest work, but if you’ve heard these guys before, you know they’ve got the balls (and claws) to back up that claim. Giving the production an extra polish is Godhead’s Jason Miller, who will be assisting the band on tracking and mixing.

As the band is fond of saying, “dark electro doesn’t get much more evil than this.” And that’s no joke, folks. Keep checking back here for more info!