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New Service Tells You If Someone Died In Your House


Died in House

A whole lot of characters in a whole lot of horror movies would've saved themselves a whole lot of trouble if they had a way of finding out if someone died in their home, before they went ahead and purchased it.  Unfortunately for them, such a service never existed, either in the real world or in fictional movie land.  That is... until now.

A brand new service called Died in House has just launched this Halloween season, for the first time ever supplying users with death records based on their home address.  With over 100 million records from all 50 states in their archive, one flat fee of $11.99 provides you with extensive information about the history of your home, letting you know if, how and when a previous occupant took their final breath in your house.  Providing immediate results, with a free follow-up in 30 days, Died in House is the first and only service in the world that makes such information available to you with the click of a button.

But would you even want to know?  Would it bother you to find out that someone had killed themselves in the place you call home?  I don't know about you, but it was a risk I was willing to take.  In an effort to see how the service works, I bit the bullet and dropped $11.99 to find out if anything went down in my house in the past, that I should know about.  Here are my results...

Died in House

Fortunately for me, it seems that nobody has actually died in my house - news which I'm both relieved and surprisingly somewhat disappointed to learn (hey, it would've made for a better post if the results came up positive!).  A woman that did at one point live in my house has since passed away, though her death did not occur inside these walls.

But what if someone had died in my house?  Here's a sample result from the site, which shows you what that'd look like...

On second thought, I'm glad my results didn't look anything like this.  This is the kind of information that you can't forget about once you learn it, and I'm pretty sure my mind would've started playing tricks on me had I found out that people were killed in my house.  So I will rest easy tonight, knowing that the worst thing that's ever happened in my home is that time my cat barfed on my keyboard!

The report also tells you the previous occupants of your home - the ones who are still among the living - and you can get more results for reduced rates, if you want to search more than one address.  Find out if someone died in your house over at Died in House.  And if you try it out for yourself, be sure to post your results below!