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News Article

New 'Sororal' Clip Paints a Gruesome Picture


Sam Barrett’s neo-giallo thriller Sororal borrows heavily from Bava. The third feature from Nakatomi Pictures, Sororal follows Cassie (Amanda Woodhams), a psychic who sees her friends being sliced apart by a straight razor-wielding maniac. Sound familiar?

“The psychic witness is something we borrowed and re-mixed from several sources. Bava's The Girl Who Knew Too Much, Don't Look Now and Eyes of Laura Mars all played a part in the genesis of Cassie's curse," Barrett said via "There is something so deliciously tragic about being forced to watch horrific acts of murder. Cassie is powerless to stop the visions and it is that terrible sense that fuels her need to stop the killer at all costs. The lurid giallo aesthetic is used to pull the audience into Cassie's distorted world; it is like we've been dragged into one of her paintings."

In this second teaser Cassie is in the middle of painting when she’s gripped by a terrible vision. A sing-song voice reaches out to her, whispering, “I didn’t know you were watching us all this time.” The artwork gives clues into the nature of these visions (see more on the Tumblr page), as does the title of the film, although, the way these victims are treated is anything but sisterly. Watch it below and follow the film on Facebook.