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New Species of Spider Makes Sculptures of Itself



We as a human race have become so obsessed with taking pictures of ourselves that the word 'selfies' was actually added to the dictionary last year - nicely done, American people.  But we're not alone.  We're not the only living things that like to look at ourselves.  As it turns out, a newly discovered species of spider is pretty into the whole selfies thing too.

Remember those bizarre web towers that we told you about last month?  Well the same guy who discovered them, Phil Torres, has just discovered a brand new species of spider in Peru - one that uses twigs, leaves, and dead insect bodies to actually form crude sculptures of itself.  What's even more interesting is that another entirely different species of spider was also discovered in the Philippines, and it too collects together jungle trash to outfit its web with strange statues of itself.

As we spotted over on io9, scientists are wondering if the sculptures are perhaps decoys built to either lure in prey or defend territory, and they believe that many other species of spiders may have evolved to carry out the same processes.  “I don’t think it’s surprising that this happening,” says entomologist Larry Reeves. “I think that no one’s noticed in the past is surprising.”

Check out video footage of the smart spiders below!