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New 'Torchwood' Trailer -- and 'Doctor Who' and 'Primeval' Return!


BBC America is offering more goodies than ever for genre fans this summer, with a slate of new and returning series. The party started with the second season of the prehistoric creature saga Primeval, which premiered May 16th, bringing with it a bigger cast, bigger monsters, and bigger FX.

But if giant beasties aren't your thing, then tune in for Doctor Who specials and a Torchwood event.  BBC-America also acquired the rights to air the 2008 Christmas special, The Next Doctor (on June 27), Planet of the Dead (in July), and The Waters of Mars (later this year).  Two other specials are slated for late 2009/early 2010.  These stories will be the last for the David Tennant in the title role.  Matt Smith will take the lead when the next season kicks off (no date as of yet).  According the network's press release, Planet of the Dead sends the Doc to an alien world, where he must team up with Lady Christina to avoid the "terrible secret" hidden in the sand.  The plot of Waters of Mars has been kept fairly hush-hush (it has not yet aired in the UK), but it will see the Doc get a new companion named Adelaide, played by Lindsay Duncan.

Not to be outdone, Torchwood brings us a five-part, weeklong event in July.  Torchwood: Children of Earth follows the crew as they try to unravel – and stop – a potentially cataclysmic event that sees every child on Earth freeze where they stand and chant, "We are coming."  Nothing is creepier than children, especially when they do something weird en masse.  The trailer premiered worldwide at 10am; but we have the video for you in case you missed it.