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New Toy Company Immortalizes Cryptid Legends in Plastic



This past weekend's HorrorHound Weekend convention saw the unveiling of the first series of action figures from brand spankin' new toy company Creatureplica, whose mission is to add research-accurate toys of cryptozoological heavyweights like Bigfoot to the collections of those who are fascinated by the beasts that just might be roaming around here on Planet Earth, undiscovered and unseen by man.

Bigfoot toy

Noticing a lack of serious toy lines dedicated to cryptid beasts, sculptor Jean St. Jean started Creatureplica to fill that void, and he says that his action figures will bring these mythical creatures to life in a way that we've never before seen, from other toy companies. While most on the toy scene depict monsters like Sasquatch and the Loch Ness Monster as being fun and cartoony, St. Jean is all about sculpting them based on witness accounts and extensive research, showing us what they truly might look like, if they're really out there.

HorrorHound Magazine

Due out this coming Fall, Series 1 of the line is comprised of Sasquatch, the Yeti, a werewolf from Lousiana lore known as the Rougarou and even the Horror Hound, the mascot for HorrorHound Magazine (seen directly above). Each of the figures measure 8" to 9" tall and include a themed display base, and the only one they haven't yet shown off is the Rougarou. A variant of Sasquatch will also be available, with dark brown fur and glowing red eyes.

Learn more, and see more, over on the Creatureplica website and Facebook page!