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New Year's Horrors: Five New Year-Themed Horrors


New Years is one of the biggest party days of the year. But some years you just want to be lazy (well, I do). Celebrate in the FEARnet way with five New Year's scares. We cannot guarantee that these flicks will be scarier than whatever is going on outside amidst the drunken masses, but we can promise that these movies will produce less vomit.

New Year's Evil (1980)

A classic example of 1980s slasher madness, New Year's Evil takes place at a televised punk rock countdown celebration. While on-air, hostess Blaze gets a call from a man who only refers to himself as "Evil." He threatens to murder a "naughty girl" as each time zone hits midnight. Yes, the premise is ridiculous, but it was the 80s. Badder was better in the 80s. In what should be shocking to no one, New Year's Evil fell into public domain (no one wanted to renew the copyright on this little gem?) and can be viewed in its entirety on YouTube. But you can check out the trailer below and decide if you can stomach it.

Terror Train (1980)

A medical school fraternity holds a New Year's Eve party and convince Alana (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) to help them play a prank on shy, awkward freshman Kenny: she is to lure him to bed, but instead of a naked Jamie Lee, he finds a med school corpse. Kenny is not amused by this, has a psychotic break, and is institutionalized. When the same group of kids has another New Year's party three years later, guess who is on hand to exact his revenge? Well, yes, Kenny, but also David Copperfield! No, really: Terror Train was Copperfield's first film role. He plays a magician entertaining the kids with magic (what a stretch).

Bloody New Year (1987)

Another slice of 1980s trash, Bloody New Year is frequently described as The Shining meets The Evil Dead. That sounds awfully generous. A group of teens out for a day of fun take a boat ride, get into some trouble, and wash up on a resort island that is celebrating New Year's Eve. The problem is, when the kids left the mainland a few hours before, it was June... and it turns out that all the partygoers have been dead for 30 years.

Steel Trap (2007)

This direct-to-DVD Saw knock-off takes place at a New Year's Eve rager on the roof of an abandoned office building. A handful of random 30-somethings-playing-20-something get text messages to come to the "real" party on the 27th floor. What starts off as a deranged kiddie party turns into... well, a deranged adult party characterized by plenty o' killings.

Fear Itself, Episode: "New Year's Day" (2008)

A girl wakes up on New Year's Day with the world's worst hangover: overnight, a catastrophic event kills people around the world, and brings many of them back as zombies. Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman (you know, the Saw guy) and written by Steve Niles (30 Days of Night), "New Year's Day" was an episode of NBC's sadly short-lived horror anthology Fear Itself