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News Article

New York Comic Con 2009: Rick Returns to the 'Splatterhouse'!


For fans of the Splatterhouse franchise, where our other favorite hockey-masked hooligan rips and tears his way through the haunted halls of West mansion, the remake news were both exciting and frightening at the same time.  While we hadn’t had a new adventure featuring our old buddy Rick Taylor and the Terror Mask since the Sega Genesis days, but the idea of a 3D reboot featuring a more hulking, less Voorheesian Rick seems a bit iffy. See the footage after the jump!

Well, the developers at Bottle Rocket (creators of the sleeper hit Mark of Kri) have graced New York Comic Con 2009 with the first full-blown footage of their new Splatterhouse, and I’ll be damned if it doesn’t look like good, stupid fun.  It looks like they’re following the God of War formula with this one, but with Rick using lots of grapples and throws, as well as plenty of vicious finishing moves on his appropriately nasty opponents.

Splatterhouse is due out sometime in 2009.