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New York Comic Con 2009: We Preview 'The Orphan'!


At the Warner Bros. panel at this weekend's New York Comic Con, we were treated to a sneak peek of the upcoming Dark Castle comics film adaptation, The Orphan! And from what I can gather from the preview that was screened, The Orphan looks creepy as hell! If you're not familiar, the story is about a husband and wife who have two children (one boy, one girl) and have recently lost a baby. To fill their void, they decide to adopt a nine-year-old girl who seems like the perfect child. Unfortunately they soon discover she's the perfect nightmare.

While The Orphan was originally a graphic novel, the impressively dark footage presented today would indicate the film is oddly reminiscent of the 2007 film Joshua (a sentiment shared by several audience members), but with a creepy female lead instead. Incidentally, the mother in Joshua, Vera Farmiga also plays the foster mother of Esther, the deadly little girl and our titular orphan. If The Orphan proves to be as critically accepted as Joshua, however, Vera will have proven she's the woman for mothering evil kiddies! Sorry Vera, but you'll never escape that demon seed.

The Orphan is set to hit theaters nationwide July 24, 2009.